Light Up Coffee Kyoto

Looking for good coffee in Kyoto? Light Up Coffee is well known in Tokyo coffee circles. They are a young and enthusiastic company, reaching to improve coffee not only in their cafes, but at the source as well. Now with two Tokyo cafes and a Tokyo based roaster, they are making an impression on the coffee community.

When we interviewed the owners of Light Up Coffee back in 2016 one of their longterm goals was to spread quality coffee across Japan; soon after Light Up Coffee Kyoto was born. About 280 miles from the original Kichijoji location this Kyoto cafe still features the electric blue and stark white color-theme of the parent shop, but has taken on a certain Kyoto vibe of its own: Light woods, low tables with zabuton cushions for seating, gray tiles and gravel floors.

A gentle approach to coffee is utilized; subtle and nuanced light roasts that beckon the drinker to appreciate the complex flavors. These quiet flavors paired with the calm atmosphere of the cafe are in tune with the surrounding town. Inside the shop is nice enough, but if you need to stretch your legs the nearby river is a good place to stroll with a coffee to-go. If your looking for specialty coffee and for Kyoto charm, Light Up Coffee Kyoto is the spot.

Light Up Coffee Kyoto is located at: 252 Seiryuchu, Kamigyu-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu 602-0822

Open 9am-6pm 7 days a week

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