Kurasu Kyoto

If your coffee geekiness intersects with an interest in Japan, then you’ve likely heard of Kurasu. What started as a lifestyle website specializing in Japanese home goods became a Japanese coffee products marketplace eventually opening up physical locations. Founder Yozo Otsuki picked Kyoto as the base for their cafe, which makes sense; Kyoto is often referred to as the cultural capital of Japan.

Five minutes from Kyoto Station you’ll find the cafe, a compact and streamline coffee bar blending modern design with tradition Japanese elements. The space is bright and lively with regulars and tourists darting in and out. Kurasu roasts their own now, but they still feature guest roasters from all over Japan.

If you are looking for good coffee in Kyoto, or perhaps a cool souvenir, Kurasu is the spot.

Kurasu Kyoto is open 8am-6pm 7 days a week

Located at 552 Higashiaburano-koji cho, Kyoto, Japan 600-8235

Japanese-made coffee products on display


  • Hello, ERIC. Is Kyoto hot and humid? Every time, I enjoy reading your report and refer to it. Thank you.A coffee shop unique to Kyoto (though there are many in Kyoto). “Elephant Coffee Factory” Kawaramachi Station is the nearest. We can enjoy coffee of taste different from mainstream “third wave coffee” in Tokyo. I can relax. If there is an opportunity, please. PS: On the way back, in front of Nagoya = “Hotel Station In Nagoya”, I would recommend “Magni’S COFFEE TRUCK” to stop by! ? It looks very unique.Buon viaggio ~!


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