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A compass for coffee lovers in the labyrinth of Tokyo. Chronicling and following the Tokyo coffee scene, searching for amazing shots of espresso and great cups of coffee. Recommendations, reviews, & coffee walks/cafe crawls.

Our mission is to seek out and enjoy the blossoming third wave coffee culture in Japan, to facilitate discussion about the Tokyo coffee scene, and to be a guide for visitors to Tokyo.

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This site is something of a passion project. The time invested on interviews, research, and writing is all unpaid. Transportation fees, coffee, website maintenance costs, and photography equipment are all paid for out of pocket. That isn’t to say that the job is without its rewards. We get to meet and talk to amazing people in the coffee industry, search out and experience top-rate cafes, and occasionally get feedback from readers both in person and by e-mail. Still, the costs do add up. If it’s within your means, and you’re feeling especially kind, consider throwing a buck or so TC’s way so that we can continue to cover the Tokyo specialty coffee scene and keep making TokyoCoffee.org better.



Coffee Cup being held in hand at Shibuya Crossing Tokyo Japan
One of the most iconic places in Tokyo with one of the world’s most iconic drinks