Weekenders Coffee Tominokoji

Weekenders Coffee in Kyoto is the kind of cafe that you have to see to believe. Tucked down a side street away from the Nishiki Market and hidden behind a pay-parking lot sits a shop paradoxically frozen in time but thoroughly modern.

This stunning coffeehouse is built in the traditional style of Kyoto architecture; sliding doors, paper screens, bamboo, and clay walls, are all utilized. Though committed to preserving Kyoto traditions, the coffee is far different than the local dark roasts typical of conventional cafes. Weekenders Coffee’s offerings are examples of roasting done right: Carefully crafted to highlight the best flavors of the bean. Some are chocolatey and smooth while others are bright and fruity. On the countertop you’ll find some of the top professional coffee equipment nestled against traditional tilework. Weekenders excels at blending current with classic.

It may take an extra moment to find this eclectic coffeehouse, but lovers of coffee and Kyoto will be glad that they did. The spirit of hospitality that thrives in the area, but is often absent from third-wave specialty coffee bars, is alive and well at Weekenders.

Weekenders Coffee Tominokoji can be found at 560 Honeyanocho,Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto 604-8064

Open 7:30AM to 6:00PM
Closed Wednesdays


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