Ratio Coffee & Cycle

Onibus Coffee has quickly become a main player on the specialty coffee stage here in Tokyo. Their main cafe and roaster located in Jiyugaoka has become a non-stop roasting operation in attempts to keep up with their clients’ coffee demands. Their second location, About Life Coffee Brewers in Shibuya, became an instagram sensation (funny that that’s a thing) and a must-visit stop for the third wave coffee lover. (Read more about About Life here) Now Onibus has added a third coffee shop to their team: Coffee & Cycle.

Coffee & Cycle is a shop in a shop. Located within Ratio & C., Onibus shares the space with a Bridgestone bicycle store. The layout is expertly designed and allows the customer to easily browse the bicycle accessories, bikes, and books while still having ample seating. There are cafe tables or benches in nearly every corner and along each wall, and the biking goods are highlighted in the center of the store. The two specialty shops meld so well that it’s hard to think of them as two separate entities. As both a coffee and biking enthusiast I can’t think of a cooler combination.

Interior Workspace of Ratio Coffee & Cycle Tokyo Japan

The coffee scene between Omotesando Station and Meiji Jingumae Station is beginning to grow, and Onibus is doing their part to raise the standards of coffee in this business heavy, hustle and bustle area. Onibus’s coffee is often naturally sweet and high with citrus notes. here at Coffee & Cycle they offer both an espresso blend and a single origin espresso at this location as well as a good collection of pour overs. The El Salvador espresso I sampled was sticky-sweet like a chocolate covered cherry cough drop and tasted pretty damn good coming out of their new custom espresso cups. If you’re in the area you’ll find this cafe to be a sure bet.


Coffee & Cycle is located at: 3-1-26 JINGUMAE, SHIBUYA-KU, TOKYO 150-0001 

Hours: 11:00AM to 8:00PM (Closed Wednesdays)


The Best Coffee in Town Buy 1 Get 1 Half Coffee and Cycle sign outside of Ratio Coffee & Cycle


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