CAFÉ DE L’AMBRE: video tour

One of Japan’s most famous coffee houses, Cafe de L’ambre, sits in the heart of the ritzy and high-end shopping streets of Ginza. Here, a few moments from Dior and Chanel, coffee has been carefully crafted since 1948. The late master of this legendary establishment, Sekiguchi Ichiro, did things his way; aging coffee beans for up to 40 years before roasting them. As a result the recipes, the methods, and the coffee itself are unorthodox and interesting. 17 grams of coffee, 70 grams of water, and an experience like no other.

Recently I made a trip back to Café de L’ambre to experience the magic and history of this legendary coffeehouse. While there I was able to take some video and later edit it into a fun clip. Hope you enjoy!

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