Standart Magazine Comes to Japan

Tokyo’s booming coffee scene has been attracting more and more international attention as of late. You can find writing about its cafe culture all across the web and in periodicals, such as Drift Magazine. One of the coffee world’s favorite printed features, Standart, has now made partners in Japan and promises to bring quality coffee reporting to readers in the West and in the East.

If you’re a coffee fanatic than Standart Magazine is likely on your radar. It’s visually striking, well written, and informative. Now that they have added a Japan desk to their production team readers can expect some great content from the world’s most populated city. Japanese readers will be happy to hear that they’ve just released their first volume of the magazine in Japanese!


The release of a Japanese version of Standart is great news for lovers of coffee and cafes in Tokyo. There are several magazines within Japan that are focused on domestic coffee, but few that have an international scope.

Here’s what the folks at Standart have to say about their new contribution to Japan’s coffee scene:

The never-ending pursuit of quality and precision is one of the foundations on which the Japanese culture of craft stands. Since the beginning, we at Standart understood that if we were going to be successful, we had to balance visual aesthetics, well-curated content, and a clean, ethical business philosophy. The entrepreneurial and coffee-drinking spirit of Japan—both the old-school kissaten-style the hip third wave—has inspired much of the Standart philosophy. That sense of cohesion was so strong that we felt we simply must bring Standart to Japan, to become a part of the specialty coffee knowledge exchange in one of the most exciting communities in the world.

Be sure to check it out!

Standart Japan #1-2.jpg

All Images Courtesy of Standart


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